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Live England vs India, first ODI live score and latest updates

Live England vs India, first ODI live score and latest updates
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Live England vs India

18th over: IND 122/1 (Sharma 45* Kohli 36*)

Ben Stokes returns well…initially. A slower ball deceives Kohli, who is almost caught at cover. India run one for that, and get another to third man via Sharma.

Kohli then strikes through extra cover deliciously, drawing a scream of anguish from Stokes. A short ball is pulled for two and India have added eight. An ominous eight. Drinks now.

17th over: IND 114/1 (Sharma 44* Kohli 29*)

Sharma punches one, Kohli cuts two. After that, Rashid keeps his composure. Kohli is almost bowled via a ricochet off his body and two more dots foreshadow a single from Kohli to finish.

16th over: IND 110/1 (Sharma 43* Kohli 26*)

A quiet over, consisting of two singles. Until Kohli flips Plunkett’s last around the corner to fine leg for four. Lovely touch. He is moving through the gears serenely.

15th over: IND 104/1 (Sharma 42* Kohli 21*)

More frustration for England. Again, India add two off the first five balls of Rashid’s over. Again, a boundary crops up off the final delivery. On this occasion, it belongs to Sharma, who sweeps powerfully.

14th over: IND 98/1 (Sharma 37* Kohli 20*)

Two singles to Sharma, a single and a two to Kohli. All of the runs come through the leg-side. Kohli’s two comes from a gorgeous shot.

Standing tall, he whips Plunkett through straight mid-wicket for a couple.

13th over: IND 93/1 (Sharma 35* Kohli 17*)

Frustrating for England. Rashid keeps it tight, restricting India to just two singles until the final ball.

Then, with Kohli on strike, he drags one down. Kohli slashes past backward point and to the boundary.

Match action

This is a great shot depicting how Dhawan lost his shape while losing his wicket.

12th over: IND 87/1 (Sharma 34* Kohli 12*)

Plunkett’s encouraging start continues, but Kohli is so assertive. After Sharma’s single, the India captain works two and then another single.

Here comes Adil Rashid. England need something drastic.

11th over: IND 83/1 (Sharma 33* Kohli 9*)

Ben Stokes now, and India’s progress does not abate. Sharma works one, Kohli responds in turn and then Sharma dismisses a half-volley outside off-stump. He moves into the thirties.

Sharma adds a single and Kohli scampers two on the final ball. Nine off the over and no breaking sweat.

10th over: IND 74/1 (Sharma 27* Kohli 6*)

Liam Plunkett has a go now and he keeps things tight to end the first powerplay. Just a single each for India’s batsmen.

9th over: IND 72/1 (Sharma 26* Kohli 5*)

Three boundaries in the over and this game is slipping away from England very sharply. The first one goes to Kohli, who caresses through the covers off the front foot.

The next two, following a Kohli single to third man, come from Sharma’s bat. Both are muscular back-foot shots to the cover fence.

8th over: IND 59/1 (Sharma 18* Kohli 0*)

Virat Kohli’s here. He doesn’t mind a run chase. Meanwhile, Dhawan is already on the Trent Bridge balcony. He’ll be feeling disgusted, I imagine.

Dhawan c Rashid b Ali 40Out of nowhere. Sharma and Dhawan traded singles again, before the latter swept powerfully for four.

Then the left-hander chucks away his wicket. He skipped down the track but got nowhere near the pitch. Dhawan followed through but skewed horribly and ballooned the ball to Rashid at short third man FOW: IND 59/1

7th over: IND 53/0 (Sharma 17* Dhawan 35*)

Wood continues. Sharma and Dhawan trade leg-side singles off the first two deliveries. Then, ping!

Sharma just lifts an 88mph delivery for six over mid-off. That looked so easy. Jason Roy looks like he might have had enough.

6th over: IND 45/0 (Sharma 10* Dhawan 34*)

“A risk-free eight from the over” says Michael Atherton on Sky Sports’ commentary. “An ominous eight” adds David Lloyd. India’s openers worked four singles between them off Ali’s bowling, with a boundary also coming when Sharma stepped back to carve the off-spinner through the covers.

5th over: IND 37/0 (Sharma 4* Dhawan 32*)

Lovely stuff from Dhawan. He’s quickly back on his toes to tickle Wood fine down the leg-side for his fifth boundary. Three balls later, he drives through straight mid-on. It was aerial, but flew past Wood rapidly.

Dhawan pulls fine for four more and then milks the strike with a push to mid-wicket. India are flying. Eoin Morgan is enlisting Moeen Ali to try to halt them.

4th over: IND 24/0 (Sharma 4* Dhawan 19*)

Shikhar Dhawan wants to get out of Trent Bridge. He drills Willey to mid-off and then whips another four through straight mid-wicket.

To his credit, Willey does come back well. There is only a quick single off the final ball of the over.

3rd over: IND 19/0 (Sharma 4* Dhawan 14*)

Wood joins three dots before getting slashed down to third man by Sharma, who takes a single. A short, leg-side ball then brushes Dhawan’s arm guard on the way through to Buttler and there is a half-hearted appeal from England.

A similar delivery misses everything, bringing India a wide. Dhawan drops the extra ball into the off-side and India add one.

2nd over: IND 16/0 (Sharma 3* Dhawan 13*)

Willey is on the money straightaway, jagging one back into Sharma’s pads via an inside edge. He then gets slightly too straight, allowing Sharma to get off strike with a prod.

Unfortunately for England, Willey does not adjust his line for the next two balls and Dhawan goes to work with back-to-back boundaries through extra cover. There was slightly more bottom hand in the first one…

…while the second was a high-elbowed punch.

Dhawan leaves the penultimate delivery but then flicks his third four through square leg. That was crisp, and beats a diving Ben Stokes on the boundary.

1st over: IND 3/0 (Sharma 2* Dhawan 1*)

Wow! Wood starts with an absolute snorter that squares up Sharma comprehensively. What a delivery. It just misses the top of off and goes through to Jos Buttler.  Sharma is off the mark next ball, stealing a single behind point.

Dhawan prods his first ball back to Wood and then nudges one to square leg.

Oof! Wood then beats Sharma again before Sharma works a leg-side single. Three off the first but some encouragement for England. Here comes David Willey.

England take the field…

…followed by India’s openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. Can the hosts defend this? It’d be an excellent coup if they do.Mark Wood is opening up and Eoin Morgan has set two slips. He knows England need wickets.

Live England vs India

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