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Seth Godin Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Friend, Like, Affairs, Favourite, Birthdate & Other

Seth Godin Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Friend, Like, Affairs, Favourite, Birthdate & Other
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This Biography is about Seth Godin including his Height, weight,Age & Other Detail…

Biography Of Seth Godin
Real Name Seth Godin
Profession Business People
Nationality American
Personal Life of Seth Godin
Born on 10 July 1960
Birthday 10th July
Age 56 Years
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in New York
Grouping of People Bald
Net worth $34 million as of Oct 4, 2016
Personal Fact of Seth Godin

Seth Godin is sometimes also known as the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age. He is an American writer and has written around 17 books, addressing various aspects of marketing, advertising, business venturing and leadership. He is also a successful entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker, who became famous for public speaking when he uploaded his e-book Unleashing the Ideavirus and made it available for the generic audience for free.

He did his MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business and worked as a software brand manager before he started Yoyodyne, one of the first Internet-based direct-marketing firms, with revolutionary ideas on how companies should reach their target audiences. The publicity of his firm compelled big companies like Volvo, Microsoft, Sony Music, etc. to associate with it and in a few years Yahoo! bought the company and kept Godin on as a vice president of permission marketing.

He has produced several critically acclaimed and bestselling books, including, All Marketers Are Liars, and Purple Cow, etc. He founded, a website where users can share links and information about an idea or topic of their choice. He professes the idea of making information available for everyone in the world and starting a global conversation on business and marketing in which everyone from everywhere can take an active part.

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